Book Presentation ‘Futurismo-Impact and Legacy’


The 2011 international conference “Our Digital Renaissance – Cultural Development, Artistic Creation & Economic Growth” will open with a book launch of the 2009 conference proceedings

Futurismo – Impact and Legacy

Thursday, November 10, 2011
Sala Rosa, Florence University of the Arts

As our historical knowledge of Futurism, its texts and personalities increases, we are now able to examine the original documents of the time in perspective. We then realize that we cannot speak of one futurism anymore, but that we must speak of many futurisms: any simplification of the
movement would not do justice to the cultural complexity of those years.

The eclectic essays collected in this volume represent a testament to how far Futurism has arrived in time, space and in the imagination. In the diversity of their arguments, the works here included exemplify the different perspectives that can be taken towards the subject, well aware that, far from essentializing Futurism, we need to move towards complicating our understanding of the movement.

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