Work by Crali for Sale (Oct. 25)

TULLIO CRALI (1910-2000)


Squadron of aircraft caught in searchlight over a city
signed and dated (19) 33 lower left
21″ x 25 1/2″ (52.5cm x 64cm)
EST 10,000-15,000
Estimate: 10000-15000

Capes Dunn and Co of Manchester
Northern Artists 25th October 2011
Tullio Crali (1910 – 2000)

After the success of offering a painting by the famous Italian Futurist artist Gerardo Dottori that sold for £22,000 in August, Capes Dunn is offering another Futurist painting in its forthcoming Northern Artists sale on the 25th October, this time by Tullio Crali. Although a late comer to the movement, not joining until 1929 he was an important figure associated with Marinetti with whom he co-authored two manifestos and at his request exhibited in the Venice Biennale, the Rome Quadrennial and several other international exhibitions. In the 1930s Crali played a significant part in the Aeropitture of which this painting is seemingly affiliated. The oil on board of a squadron of aircraft caught in a searchlight over a city is signed and dated 1933. The vivid blue hues contrast with the bright yellow flashes of the searchlight and the disjoined and dizzying perspective of the piece in rambling curves and beams reflect an excellent example of his work.

It is offered in the Northern Artists Auction commencing at 7pm on Tuesday 25th October, for further information: Tel. 0161 273 1911 Email.

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