New play about Marinetti and Mayakovsky in Minneapolis (May 14-23)

M²: Mayakovsky and Marinetti

May 14 – 23, 2010
Open Eye Figure Theatre, Minneapolis

Presented by Theatre Novi Most:

In the first decades of the 20th century, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Filippo Marinetti were among the rebellious few who saw, in the automobile and modern warfare, the pinnacles of human creativity and ingenuity. They were the naughty, foolish, self-crowned kings of Futurism — and they agreed on virtually nothing. Set in our near future, M(2) sees these two magnetic personalities meet again to relive the past and finish unfinished arguments. Based on historical letters, poems and texts by Mayakovsky and Marinetti.

Written by Vladimir Rovinsky with Felip Costaglioli
Directed by Lisa Channer & Vladimir Rovinsky

Vladimir Rovinsky
Stephen Pearce
Sasha Gibbs
Billy Mullaney
Julianna Drajko

MULTIMEDIA David Steinman
SOUND Dan Dukich
LIGHTS Robert Perry

Presented at Open Eye Figure Theatre
506 E. 24th St., Minneapolis, MN 55404

General admission tickets are $12.
Student tickets are $10.
For tickets, please visit

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