Futurism at the Pompidou

Le Futurisme a Paris. Une Avant-Garde Explosive will be on display at the Centre Pompidou in Paris October 15, 2008 until January 26, 2009. This exhibit will re-examine the contribution of Futurism to Modernism and offer a new analysis of its relationship with Cubism of the French avant-garde.  The show aims, among other things, to reconstruct the original exhibition of over 30 the Italian Futurists’ work at the Galerie Bernheim-Jeune in Paris of 1912.

The exhibition will travel to the Quirinal Stables in Rome (February 20 – May 24, 2009) and finally to the Tate Modern in London (June 12 – September 13, 2009) and is accompanied by a catalog.

Press release- English

Press release – Italian

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