Ardengo Soffici’s Correspondence Published

c_correspondance_270Ardengo Soffici, Serge Férat & Hélène d’Oettingen
Correspondance (1903-1964)

Edited by Barbara Meazzi
Published by Lausanne, L’Âge d’Homme, 2013
432 pages, French
ISBN 978-2-8251-4361-2


Ardengo Soffici’s newly edited letters, which span his pre- and post- Futurist years, are addressed to Serge Férat (cubist painter, artistic director of Les Soirées de Paris) and his lover (and ex) the Baroness Hélène d’Oettingen. I imagine some of these letters contain details of his bar brawl with Marinetti, Boccioni and Carrà at Giubbe Rosse and speak of his involvement with Lacerba.


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