Present-day Italy faces old issues

Image: Futurist Flag: March, Don’t Rot

New York Times article about a present-day Italy, facing issues of cultural stagnation similar to those which the Futurists confronted.

“The word here is “malessere,” or “malaise”; it implies a collective funk — economic, political and social — summed up in a recent poll…“It’s a country that has lost a little of its will for the future,” said Walter Veltroni, the mayor of Rome and a possible future center-left prime minister… The problems are, for the most part, not new — and that is the problem. They have simply caught up to Italy over many years, and no one seems clear on how change can come — or if it is possible anymore at all…“We Italians have our destiny in our hands more than ever before,” [Beppe Grillo] said.”

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