Piedigrotta Festival celebrating Futurism, featuring Sir Elton John

Piedigrotta Festival
September 3 – 13, 2009

Beginning on September 3rd, Piedgrotta is a celebration of the Italian futurism movement and features a jam-packed programme of events that the whole family can enjoy.

Highlights of the ten-day event include an exhibition curated by Achille Bonito Oliva at the Royal Palace and a colourful futurism carnival parade.

A spectacular fireworks display will be taking place on September 5th along the sea front area of Naples.

According to the festival organisers, the fireworks “will be shot from the sea in an explosion of lights, shapes, colours and sounds”.

Several world-class musicians will also be taking to the stage throughout the festival, including Sir Elton John, who is due to perform on September 10th.

The star will be on hand to belt out a number of his famous hits, which include Candle in the Wind, Lady Samantha and Rocket Man.

In addition, a number of the city’s most famous buildings and arches will be lit with thousands of colourful lights during the festival.

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