Italian Futurism exhibit in Helsinki

Italian Futurism 1909-1944

EMMA (Espoo Museum of Modern Art), Helsinki
March 2 – June 10, 2012
Curated by Giancarlo Carpi and Marco Ancora

…The new exhibition at EMMA continues the museum’s series on the phenomena of Modernism. The fascination with machines and speed, like Futurism in general, is very masculine, so out of the 51 artists represented, only three are women. Covering the whole lifecycle of Futurism, the exhibition displays paintings, sculptures, sketches, architectural designs, objets and furniture. Futurism never differentiated between abstract and representational art, what was important in these powerful colourful works was movement. The most popular motifs were machines, cars and aeroplanes, but they were also populated by people and animals.


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