“Futurist Performance” in Iran

“Futurist Performance” a book by Michael Kirby has been converted into Persian by Gholam-reza Sarraf. The Persian rendition holds an index of the style’s detailed explanation as well.

IBNA: Sarraf told IBNA that the performances have been penned in 1-3 pages and their translation into Persian is a new experience.

The book is authored by Michael Kirby and contains forty-eight performance texts by Balla, Boccioni, Depero, Cangiullo, and Marinetti. More than 6 dramas by every author have been included while a 100-page index has been written by the translator which presents explanations about the style.

He went on to say that the book could be a great source for those who seek to work with media including radio and video clips.

The book’s translation has concluded and it is to be published by Lahita.

Moreover Sarraf has translated scripts by Ingmar Bergman, Roman Polanski and Federico Fellini as well as “Recognizing Bergman” and a book holding 35 dialogs with Roman Polanski which are ready for publication. Furthermore he has translated Crimes of heart by Beth Henley.

via Iran Book News Agency

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