Futurist Cooking in Princeton

(originally posted 11/3/09)

Futurist Cookery or Optimism at the Dining Table

Sunday January 11, 2009 5:00 pm
Dorthea’s House – Casa di Cultura Italiana
Princeton, NJ

Italian ideologue, poet and editor Filippo Tommaso Marinetti published his manifesto of cookery La cucina Futurista in 1932 proposing a revolution in food and eating habits. Pietro Frassica, a professor of Italian literature at Princeton University, who wrote the introduction to a newly-released edition of Marinetti’s book, will discuss futurist cookery as an aesthetic experience for exploring every medium of art, including painting and architecture. Among his many achievements as author and teacher, Frassica offers a perennially popular seminar on The Literature of Gastronomy.

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