Futurist Concert and Dinner in Rovereto (Sept. 30)

Concert for 16 Futuristic Intonarumori (Noise Intoners) EP

MART, Rovereto
September 30, 2010

T.R.I.O. Trento Risuona Improvisation Orchestra del Conservatorio di musica Bonporti di Trento

Luciano Chessa conductor

In 2009, RoseLee Goldberg, the director of the Performa Festival in New York, asked Italian composer Luciano Chessa to recreate a set of 16 intonarumori noise intoners basing the design on the originals created by Italian Futuristic painter and composer Luigi Russolo. A group of contemporary composers including Mike Patton, Blixa Bargeld, Ellen Fullman, Elliott Sharp, Pauline Oliveros, Ulrich Krieger and Luciano Chessa himself wrote works especially for these instruments that were then performed under Luciano Chessa’s baton. Transart brings the project to Europe for the first time, to Rovereto, and has also given commissions for compositions to Margareth Kammerer and Teho Teardo. The tradition lives on!

Futurist Banquet

8:00 p.m.
Casa d’arte futurista Depero

The spirit of Futurism lives again to the sounds of intonarumori at a special dinner held in the Casa Depero museum.

Curated by Silvano Faggioni and Sergio Coletti . Chef Marco Brink

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