Futurist Cocktails

I thought I would post a few cocktail – or polibibita – recipes in honor of summer:

by Marinetti

1/3 Asti Spumante
1/3 pineapple liqueur
1/3 chilled orange juice

Alcoholic Joust
by Prampolini

2/4 dry red Barbara wine
1/4 citronade
1/4 Campari bitters
– Into the liquid put a square of cheese and a square of chocolate threaded on a toothpick.

by Saladin

1 candied chestnut
1 part rose liqueur
1 part pineapple liqueur
1 part liqueur of thyme or serpolet

Fire In The Mouth
by Barosi

At the bottom of a glass: whisky with liqueur cherries, previously rolled in cayenne pepper. Next layer: milk and honey or honey (1 cm thick) forming an impermeable division. On top of the honey: alkermes, vermouth and Strega.

Now go stock up your bar – or quisibeve!

More recipes may be found in Marinetti’s The Futurist Cookbook.

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