Futurism & the Technological Imagination

A workshop on “Futurism and the Technological Imagination”, chaired by Dr. Günter Berghaus and Marja Härmänmaa, Ph.D. as part of the 11th International Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI) Conference in Helsinki, will take place Tuesday, July 29th, 2008.

Presentations include:

“The Multiplication of Man – Futurism’s Modernist Quest for Transcendence through Technology”
– Roger Griffin

“War and Modernity: Italian Modernism before Futurism”
– Emilio Gentile

“Belgian Futurism and the Technological Epic”
– Vera Castiglione

“From Futurism to Electronic Literature, though the Neo-Avant-Gardes”
– Matteo D’Ambrosio

“Futurism and the New Human Sensibility”
– Serge Milan

“Organicizm vs Technicizm in Early Russian Futurism”
– Natalia Baschmakoff

“Bruno Munari and Futurism”
– Pierpaolo Antonello

“Marinetti, Marionettes, and the Machine Age”
– Jessica Palmieri

“Futurism and the Technological Immagination Poised Between Machine Cult and Machine Angst”
– Günter Berghaus

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