Futurism-Inspired Fashion

Of Fausto Sarli‘s Fall 2008 collection, a critic said that “the show had a curvy, retro futurist quality whether with cashmere apple-shaped jackets or mega frilled Art Deco columns for evening.”

Sarli's designs (left, right) and Depero's costume design (center)
Sarli's designs (left and right) and a costume design by Depero (center)

More recently, on a runway in Milan this September for the Spring/Summer 2009 season, Angela Missioni is said to have sent models down the runway with “…the signature Missoni zig-zag was damped-down in earthen shades, contrasting with a larger – but still neutral – “futuristic aero-painting” print that looked a lot like watered-down Italian Futurism…”

an aeropainting by Dottori
Missioni (left) and an aeropainting by Dottori (right)

For an in-depth analysis of Futurist fashion, see Emily Braun’s article “Futurist Fashion: three manifestoes” from the Art Journal (Spring 1995).

Also, Laia of Geometric Sleep has a post about recent fashion inspired by Futurism.

And please, don’t forget the SHOES!

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  1. Poor Mr.Marinetti – he is probably spinning in his grave like a ‘car riding on grapeshot’. Futurist designs carried by spoiled bourgeois -sluts-, now that is rare! Or am I the only one that finds it ironic? So much worse for this decadent age.

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