Futurism in the crisis of 1929 conference

FuturistiSiti presents:

An afternoon on the crisis of 1929 and its effects on the Futurist movement with guests of international importance

December 14, 2012
Auditorium of St. Francis of Chiavari (GE)

Prof. Peter Frassica, Princeton University (USA)
“The longest year: 1929 between Marinetti and Pirandello”

Dr. Angelo Cacciola, Ph.D. University of Fribourg (Switzerland)
“Economy and 1929: a machine that stopped working”

Dr. Federico Zanoner, the Mart in Rovereto (TN)
“Experience the futuristic simultaneous crisis of 1929 through sources and works”

Dr. Mario Bozzi, Trails, Regional Foundation for Culture and the Performing Arts (GE)
“Utopia participatory”

Speaker: Dr. Rita Guardincerri, Economic Society of Chiavari

During the conference,  fragments of the film “The crisis of 1929” will be screened.

At the end of the conference the Performance “Belle Epoque & Tigullio, between splendor and crisis” will take place with the singer Myriam Elorza Mendia, video and directed by Angelo Cacciola.

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