Futurism in Shanghai

Inner Noise from New Asia

April 15, 2009
8 pm at Yuyintang

731 Yan’an Xi Lu,
Changning, Entrance at Kaixuan Lu

Following the success of the musical collaborations that ensued Christian Marclay’s Screenplay presentation in Shanghai (a PERFORMA Production), Performa’s Defne Ayas has invited Yan Jun to curate an evening of noise in Shanghai. The program titled “Inner Noise from New Asia” will use Luigi Russolo’s Futurist manifesto, “The Art of Noises,” as a historical reference point and feature new work by contemporary performers from different parts of Asia, to provide a full spectrum of experience of this eclectic genre of music. “Inner Noise from New Asia” features live performances by Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, FEN and Shanghai’s Asthma Writers Union, and MTDM and is organized by Sub Jam, in association with RESO, and in collaboration with Performa09.

Graphic Design and Typography in China – Then and Now

March 22, 2009
3 pm, as part of Shanghai International Literary Festival 2009

What is the current state of graphic design and typographic experimentation in China? What is the extent of its influence on visual arts, and media, from books to (maga)zines, or album covers to movie credits to advertisements? How is it used in underground scenes as a dynamic vehicle for visual communication – from Beijing to Shanghai to Shenzhen – both today and traditionally?

Inspired by the centenary of the publication of F.T. Marinetti’s “Futurist Manifesto”, which was republished in Shanghai in 1921 and had a vast influence on the artists and designers at the time, the panel discussion will look at the rise and evolution of graphic design and typography in China since the early 20th century.

Three distinguished panelists, Lynn Pan, Ou Ning, and Pan Jian Feng will present their investigations from both historical and contemporary perspectives in order to provide a understanding of the creative process behind Chinese graphic design and typography, and its strong connection to poetry, literature, and art-making. Lynn Pan will take us back to the radical ideas explored by artists a century ago in Shanghai, and Ou Ning will share some of the most groundbreaking work from today’s most talented designers and typographers, from Guangzhou to Beijing. Pan Jian Feng’s personal story will wrap up the panel, and all three speakers will aim to place these distant relatives of the visual arts within the context of contemporary artistic movements.

Organized and moderated by Defne Ayas in collaboration with PERFORMA09 – New York, this program will be presented as part of the Shanghai International Literary Festival 2009.

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