Futurism and Performance in Canada

Exhibition of Futurist Performance
Presented by the Graduate Center for the Study of Drama, University of Toronto
October 30-November 9, 2008

In tandem with the conference Futurist Dramaturgy and Performance,  an ‘exhibition’ of Italian Futurist Performances will be presented (dates approximate). The performances will include translations – in English and in a contemporary idiom of works from the ‘repertoire’ of Italian Futurist performance practice.

Futurist Dramaturgy and Performance
International conference held at the University of Toronto
November 7-8, 2008

Sponsored by the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama In collaboration with the Emilio Goggio Chair in Italian Studies, and Istituto Italiano di Cultura – Toronto; and with the support of Centre for Comparative Literature and Department of Language Studies, University of Toronto Mississauga

Conference Keynote Speaker: Professor Günter Berghaus, University of Bristol

Anticipating the centenary of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti’s seminal cri du théâtre “The Foundation and Manifesto of Futurism,” this conference will examine the theatrical aspects of Futurist performance and its associated dramaturgy. Over a two-day period scholars from Europe and North America will probe and discuss the history, theory, impact, and revivals of the Futurist movement that originated in Italy and pervasively influenced the development of the modern European theatre. Topics under investigation include:

  • Futurist dramaturgy of sound
  • Futurism and dance
  • Influence and legacy of Futurism on European theatre
  • Futurist revivals
  • Futurist production techniques and conventions
  • Futurism and the internet
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