Festival internazionale Marinetti in Bellagio

Festival Internazionale dell’Arte (Tributo a Marinetti)

June 15-24, 2012
*Vernissage: Friday, June 15, 2012

In honor of F.T. Marinetti, who died at dawn on December 2, 1944 at the Hotel Splendido (now the Excelsior Hotel) in Bellagio. The Festival is sponsored by the Town Council in collaboration with the Torre delle arti Bellagio, Associazione Le Belle Arti which includes artists of the Lyceum and the Academy of Brera in Milan and the Compagnia delle Grottesche, a free association of artists, writers and scholars founded with the intent to promote the “avant-garde culture.”

The Festival is divided into two sections:

– Visual Arts dedicated to art: painting, sculpture, photography and cinema. Exhition at Tower of the Arts from June 15th to Hune 24th

– Literature: poetry, theater, fiction, song writing, dance and music of the folk tradition. Bellagio Library on June 14th, 21st and 28th


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