Conference on Russolo’s ‘The Art of Noises’ (Dec. 13, Ireland)


1913/The Art of Noises/2013

December 13, 2013
University College Cork, School of Music, Sundays Well Road
Cork, Ireland
Organized by Dr. Paul Hegarty and John Godfrey in collaboration with the UCC Modernisms Research Centre

The year 1913 was a momentous one in art. From Proust to Stravinsky, Duchamp to Malevitch, Modernism was to recalibrate the way the world was seen; Futurism offered to change the way the world was heard. One hundred years ago, Luigi Russolo published his manifesto, L’arte dei Rumori (The Art of Noises), announcing a new way not only of conceiving music but also how we would hear the world around us. In the future, noises would be the material of music. Russolo’s manifesto, and his strange intonarumori devices, have been fantastically influential in the intervening century, and this event seeks to capture some of those connections, in both discursive and performative modes.

Full abstracts may be found on the website.


10 – 11.15

James Whitehead, Noise is Stupid – Flat Ontologies, Reality and Noise

Rodrigo Carvalho, The Metaphor of Noise in early 20th Century Avant-Garde Music: Busoni, Russolo and Schaeffer

Aonghus McEvoy, Russolo – Mapping Auditory Experience in Belfast City; noise and meaning in urban space

[short break]

11.30 -12.45

Rhys Davies, Why Sound Art Became the Unloved Bastard Child of Music

Rob Gawthorp, Not Seeing What is Heard | Not Hearing What is Seen

Victor Cruz, Crisis Music: Futurism, Jazz and the Historiography of Aesthetic Avant-Gardes

12.45 – 1.15

Paul Hegarty, Elizabeth Price, The Woolworths Choir of 1979


2.45 – 3.15 analogue electronics

Barry Synnott, Modular Synthesiser Live Improvisation

Declan Synnott, Amplified Static

3.15 – 4.15

Benjamin J. Heal, Weaponizing Noise: William S. Burroughs’ Sound & Music Experiments

Valentina Ravaglia, ‘The Vibrations Between Two Objects in Relation to each Other Offer the Pleasure of Magical Thinking’: Aural and Visual Noise in the Work of Mike Kelley

[short break]

4.30 – 5.30

David Spittle, The Lyricism of Noise in John Ashberry’s Flow Chart

Danny McCarthy, Luigi Russolo Met John Cage on the Corner of Castle Street

5.45 – 6.45

Scott Wilson (with Edia Connole and Suzanne Walsh), The Eroticism of Silence


Strange Attractor and Guests present intonarumori concert


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