‘Collecting Futurism’ goes to Beirut

Collecting Futurism
June 30 – July 15, 2009
Villa Audi- Achrafieh, Beirut
Organized by the Italian Cultural Institute Beirut

The exhibition “Collecting Futurism” presents eighty paintings, sketches and objects achieved by the most important characters of the futuristic movement, like Depero, Balla, Munari, Prampolini, Sironi,. The exhibition underlines one of the most interesting as well as avant-gardist aspects of Futurism, the communicative and advertising aspect, which is at the basis of the modern concept of advertisement. Futurism, which was born under the sign of dynamism, was among the vanguards of the early 20th century, whose undoubtedly rich innovative spirit influenced not only art, but also literature, cooking, music, architecture, dance, theater and fashion. The exhibition wants to celebrate the centennial of the Futuristic Manifesto which appeared in Paris on February 20th, 1909 on the “The Figaro” newspaper. “Collecting Futurism” will be held in Villa Audi from June 30th to July 15th.

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