Call for Participation, Futurism Panel

College Art Association Annual Conference 2009 Call for Participation


Italian Futurism, One Hundred Years Later

The year 2009 marks the centennial publication of “The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism,” F.T. Marinetti’s bombastic essay that declares the birth of the Futurist movement in Italy. This panel proposes a critical reassessment of Futurism, one hundred years later. Futurism’s art-historical reception has been contradictory: while some dismiss the movement as provincial Cubism, others place Futurists at the center of histories of the avant-garde. Further, situating Futurism within its sociohistorical context has also been challenging. Scholarship exists on the group’s entanglement with fascist modernism, but much research is in fields other than art history. More remains to be said about the relationship between Futurist art and politics – both right- and left-wing – during this period. Papers are welcome on the range of interdiscliplinary issues pertaining to Futurism between 1909 and 1944. Considerations of historiography, intellectual and political history, and underrepresented areas of study such as lesser-known artists are of special interest.

Session chair: Jennifer Bethke, University of Nevada


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