Call for Papers: Northeast MLA

Call for Papers

Northeast Modern Language Association 40th Anniversary Convention

February 26-March 1, 2009 Boston, MA

Deadlines for abstracts: September 15, 2008

A sample of relevant panels:

Literary Futurism 2009: The Dead Are (Not) Always Right

In his “L’esperienza futurista,” Giovanni Papini wrote against exaggerating our praise of dead writers, a passive affirmation of esteem that grows exponentially with every centennial anniversary: “The dead shouldn’t always be right just because they can’t defend themselves.” Taking Papini’s futuristically provocative statement as its point of departure, this panel seeks to explore the relevance and vitality of underrated futurist writing and its broader cultural legacy in the year of the centennial anniversary of the Italian avant-garde movement. All approaches are welcome. Please submit 250-500 word abstracts (in English or Italian) to Patrizio Ceccagnoli at

Italian Literature: From The Twentieth Century Into The New Millennium

The panel invites papers dealing with the Italian literary production of the Twentieth century, including both major and minor authors and the literary movements that have shaped the Italian cultural and artistic scene. Particular attention will be given to proposals that discuss authors and movements from a philosophical or historical perspective, or that delve into the latest cultural debates in Italy, where many young and talented authors have recently emerged. Papers are welcomed in Italian and English. Please e-mail 250-word abstracts to Giovanni Migliara,

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