Berghaus Futurism Bibliography for 2010

Futurism in Art and Literature 1945-2009: A Bibliographic Reference Shelf

By Günter Berghaus
Publisher: Walther de Gruyter, Berlin/New York
Publication Date: 2010

In 2009, Futurism has not ended up in a waste-paper bin, as Marinetti predicted in 1909, but rather is being celebrated everywhere around the world with exhibitions, conferences and a large number of books. In 1995, Berghaus organized a conference on “Futurism in an International and Interdisciplinary Perspective” at the Institute of Romance Studies in London. From this occasion resulted a volume of 648 pages, “International Futurism in Arts and Literature”, published by De Gruyter in 2000. It contained a very substantial bibliography, which on 100 pages documented current research into Futurist activities in eleven countries and seven artistic fields. Since then, more than one thousand publications have expanded the already sizeable bookshelf dedicated to Futurism. It has become difficult, even for specialists, to keep an overview on such a vast array of books and essays. The centenary year 2009 therefore seems an appropriate occasion for a new bibliographic survey of the reception this avant-garde movement experienced in academic circles, this time charting the whole period from Marinetti’s death in 1944 to 2009.

This bibliography will be ordered in sections dedicated to individual countries and artistic media:

  • Bibliographies
  • Historical and Cultural Background Studies
  • General Works on Futurism and Italian Artists
  • Political Aspects of Futurism
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Cinema
  • Photography
  • Architecture
  • Furniture and Interior Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Ceramics
  • Cooking
  • Artist’s Books
  • France
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • England
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Belgium
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Czech Lands
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Ukraine
  • Baltic Lands
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • USA
  • Japan

The purpose of this bibliography is entirely practical: to offer orientation to the student of Futurism and to help identify publications dedicated to specific aspects of the movement. It is not exhaustive, but substantial enough to list most significant studies on major artists who were active in the movement and on aesthetic aspects / genres / media in which Futurism exercised a particularly noteworthy influence. It is expected to contain some 5000 bibliographic entries and cost around 120 Euro.

One Reply to “Berghaus Futurism Bibliography for 2010”

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