Back to the Futurists: Avant-gardes 1909-2009 (conference)

Back to the Futurists: Avant-gardes 1909-2009

2-4 July 2009
Queen Mary University of London

Conference organised by Queen Mary University of London, Royal Holloway University of London, University of Swansea

in collaboration with

The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, London

with the support of

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy UK

Conference registration and programme or contact Hassan Yate: I: Manifestos


Keynote speaker: John White, “Futurist Semiotics”
Keynote speaker: Günter Berghaus (Bristol University), “Futurist Performance”

Benedikt Hjartarson (University of Iceland), “Manifestations of Will: Towards a Historical Reconstruction of the Avant-Garde Manifesto”
Matthew D. McLendon
(Curator, Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Florida), “Engaging the Crowd: The Futurist Manifesto as Avant-Garde Advertisement”
Pierpaolo Antonello
(Cambridge University), “Out of Touch. Marinetti’s ‘Manifesto del Tattilismo’ and the Futurist Critique of Separation”
Delphine Biere
(Université de Lille III), “La querelle de la simultanéité entre Delaunay et les futuristes: un problème d’interprétation ?”
Georges Sebbag Georges
(Paris), “Futur Futuriste”
David Pinho Barros
(Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal), “Italian Futurism: Cinema without Film”
Sascha Bru (
University of Ghent), “The Untamables: Marinetti and Gramsci’s political language philosophy”
Ernest Ialongo
(Hostos Community College CUNY) “Filippo Tommaso Marinetti: The Artist and His Politics”
Rosalind McKever
(Kingston University / Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art), “Futurism and the Past: Time, History and Antipassatismo”
Sarah Hayden
(University College Cork), “‘With our bodies grazed and scraped’ (Marinetti): How Futurism fought to forge an avant-garde prototype”
Iveta Slavkova-Montexier (
Paris I and IV), “The New Man and the humanistic myth: back to the difference between Dada and Futurism”
Lisa Samuels
(University of Auckland, New Zealand), “Membrane Feminism in Avant-Garde Poetry”
Dafydd Jones (University of Wales), “Bones, Feathers and all: The Futurist Gift to Dada”
Maria Elena Versari (Carnegie Mellon University), “Futurist Canons and the Development of Avant-Garde Historiography”
Gloria DeVincenti (University of Technology Sydney), “Peregrine thought’: the theory of creativity in Second Florentine Futurism”
Elza Adamowicz (Queen Mary University of London) “Léger’s La Noce: the bride stripped bare?”
Marieke Dubbelboer (University of Groningen), “Supermen, machines and modernity. Marinetti and Jarry. Shared visions?”
Debra Kelly (University of Westminster), ” ‘An infinity of living forms, representative of the absolute?’: reading Futurism with Pierre Albert-Birot as witness, creative collaborator, dissenter”
Barnaby Dicker (Royal Holloway University of London), “Fernand Léger and Dudley Murphy’s Avant-Garde ‘Review’ or Ballet Mécanique as ‘citation-collage'”
Meg Greenberg (University of Cambridge), “Synaesthesia and Literary Symbolism”
Paola Sica (Connecticut College, USA), “Nocturnal Itineraries: Futurism, Occultism and the Metamorphic Self”
Konstantinos Vassiliou (Paris I-Sorbonne), “The reception of futurism at the crossroads
of art and rock”
Gabrielle Elissa Popoff (Columbia University), “Futurism’s Africa: The Quest for Modernity”
Przemyslaw Strozek (Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Sciences), “The Failed Effort to Redeem the Fatherland. The Drum of Fire: African Drama of Heat, Colour, Noises and Smells in the Context of F. T. Marinetti’s Commitment to Politics in the Aftermath of World War I (1919-1920)”
Katian Pizzi (Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, London), “Futurist Machines Between Modernity and Tradition”
Lorenzo Santoro (University of Warwick), “Between Futurism and Fascism: Technological Imagination in Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Benito Mussolini”
Anthony Martire (University of California, Berkeley), “The Futurist Poetics of National Mobility: Informatics, Subjectivity, and Control in Marinetti’s Parole in Libertà”
Selena Daly (University College Dublin), “Le Roi Bombance: The original Futurist Cookbook?”
Cecilia Novero (University of Otago, New Zealand), “Futurism biting its tail? Cooking
and Eating with Marinetti and Fillia”
Lanfranco Aceti (Sabanci University, Istanbul), “Digital Avant-garde: Physical Freedom
through Technology as the Futurists’ Cultural Inheritance?”
Pierre Taminiaux (Georgetown University), “Before the Past: Digital Photography and
the Futurist Legacy”
Özgür Atlagan (Sabanci University, Istanbul) “Futuristic Cinematic Visions: The Erotic
Relation between Humanity and the Machine”
Dennis Van Mol (University of Antwerp), “Futurism(s) in Belgium (1909-1918)”
Branko Aleksić (Paris), “Les taches aveugles slaves dans la montée au zénith de gloire (300 HP) du grand soleil futuriste”
Emilio Quintana (Instituto Cervantes, Utrecht), “Sheep and trains. Futurism and Modernization in the Spanish Poetry (1909-1940)
Vincent Antoine (Montpellier), “Marinetti et Les belles idées qui tuent”
Marja Härmänmaa (University of Helsinki / University of Cambridge), “The Dark Side of Futurism: Marinetti and War”
Barbara Meazzi (Université de Savoie), “Marinetti et l’élaboration de Zang Tumb Tumb, entre France et Italie”

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