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technological imaginationFuturism and the Technological Imagination

Edited by Günter Berghaus

Amsterdam/New York, NY 2009. VIII, 390 pp. (Avant-Garde Critical Studies 24)
ISBN: 978-90-420-2747-3         Bound
ISBN: 978-90-420-2748-0         E-Book
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This volume, Futurism and the Technological Imagination, results from a conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas in Helsinki. It contains a number of re-written conference contributions as well as several specially commissioned essays that address various aspects of the Futurists’ relationship to technology both on an ideological level and with regard to their artistic languages.

In the early twentieth century, many art movements vied with each other to overhaul the aesthetic and ideological foundations of arts and literature and to make them suitable vehicles of expression in the new Era of the Machine. Some of the most remarkable examples came from the Futurist movement, founded in 1909 by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.

By addressing the full spectrum of Futurist attitudes to science and the machine world, this collection of 14 essays offers a multifaceted account of the complex and often contradictory features of the Futurist technological imagination. The volume will appeal to anybody interested in the history of modern culture, art and literature.


Editor’s Foreword

Günter Berghaus: Futurism and the Technological Imagination Poised between Machine Cult and Machine Angst

Domenico Pietropaolo: Science and the Aesthetics of Geometric Splendour in Italian Futurism

Serge Milan: The ‘Futurist Sensibility’: An Anti-philosophy for the Age of Technology

Roger Griffin: The Multiplication of Man: Futurism’s Technolatry Viewed Through the Lens of Modernism

Vera Castiglione: A Futurist before Futurism: Émile Verhaeren and the Technological Epic

Patrizia Veroli: Loie Fuller’s Serpentine Dance and Futurism: Electricity, Technological Imagination and the Myth of the Machine

Maria Elena Versari: Futurist Machine Art, Constructivism and the Modernity of Mechanization

Gerardo Regnani: Futurism and Photography: Between Scientific Inquiry and Aesthetic Imagination

Wanda Strauven: Futurist Poetics and the Cinematic Imagination: Marinetti’s Cinema without Films

Margaret Fisher: Futurism and Radio

Matteo D’Ambrosio: From Words-in-Freedom to Electronic Literature: Futurism and the Neo-Avantgarde

Michelangelo Sabatino: Tabula rasa or Hybridity? Primitivism and the Vernacular in Futurist and Rationalist Architecture

Pierpaolo Antonello: Beyond Futurism: Bruno Munari’s Useless Machines

Marja Härmänmaa: Futurism and Nature: The Death of the Great Pan?



Notes on Contributors


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