Day of the (Futurist) Dead

This list was graciously prepared by Przemysław Strożek, beloved correspondent of, in recognition of the Day of the Dead and asks you light candles for these artists. Additions, photos and corrections welcome.

Giacomo Balla: (1871 – 1958), Cimitero monumentale del Verano, Bassopiano Pincetto, riquadro 139

Umberto Boccioni: Cimitero Monumentale di Verona, Verona, Veneto Region, Italy

Anton Guglio Bragaglia: Cimitero Monumentale del Verano Rome Lazio Region, Italy, Altipiano Pincetto, fronte riquadro 153

Carlo Carrá: (1881 – 1966): Cimitero di Vigatto, Parma

Tullio Crali: Cimitero di Macerata, Marche Region, Italy

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti: Cimitero Monumentale Milan, Lombardia Region, Italy

Bruno Munari: (1907-1998), Cimitero Monumentale, Milan, Lombardia Region, Italy

Aldo Palazzeschi: Cimitero di Settignano, Florence, Toscana Region, Italy

Giovani Papini: ( 1881 – 1956), Cimitero delle Porte Sante, Florence

Enrico Prampolini: (1894 – 1956), Cimitero monumentale del Verano, Rampa Caracciolo, fila IV

Antonio Sant’Elia: Cimitero Maggiore, Como, Provincia di Como, Lombardia, Italy

Gino Severini: Cimitero a Cortona, Italy

Ardengo Soffici: (1879 – 1964), Cimitero di Poggio a Caiano


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  1. None knows.. It’s seems that he somehow disappeared in the late 40s.. It would be great, if someone would figure out where his grave is located.

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