Futurism celebrated in Turin

Futurist Performances and Conference – Turin
February 14-22, 2009

From Saturday the 14th, hundreds of manifestos will be posted all over the walls of the main roads and piazzas in the historic center of Turin. On February 16th, there will be a show of reproductions of works by the Turinese painter Pippo Oriani in the Piazza Palazzo di Città. The performance will culminate on Friday the 20th at 8:30pm in the Sala del Tempio della Mole Antonelliana with a conference celebrating the manifesto and which will be open to the public and host speakers such as Arch. Gabriele Oriani, the son of the Turinese Futurist Pippo Oriani, Dr. Alessandro Ortenzi, the curator of the Futurist shows, and Manuela Lamberti, the president of the associazione Azione and artistic director.


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