Orchestra Meccanica Marinetti


multimedia show by Angelo Comino aka Motor
Thursday, 20th November, 2008 6.30 PM
Chamber of Commerce of Torino – Palazzo Birago di Borgaro
Via Carlo Alberto 16, Torino

On Thursday, 20th November, 2008, the stage will be set at the baroque Palazzo Birago for an artistic performance combining art and technology. The Orchestra Meccanica Marinetti (Marinetti Mechanical Orchestra) by the artist Angelo Comino – Motor in art – has been specially chosen by the Chamber of Commerce of Torino and Piemonte Share to launch the initiative Action Sharing. The orchestra consists of robot drummers that play steel drums “live”, under the direction of a performer. Having literally built the city of Turin, the movement and work of factories will be on show, translated into the interactive digital languages of the contemporary world. Paying tribute to the futurist poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the orchestra builds an ideal bridge between Turin’s industrial past and the city’s current transformation into a city of knowledge. Two robot drummers. Two steel drums. One human performer. Mechatronics and music. The repetitiveness of industrial production becomes a gesture of music. A project in which the past of the Italian avant-garde returns in all its contemporaneity to seal a new relationship between humans and machines. Orchestra Meccanica Marinetti is a project conceived by Angelo Comino aka Motor, who gives life to enlightening inspirations that were unrealizable in Marinetti’s day.


Thanks, Franck!

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