Futurist Pianist in Milan

The Bad Boys of Piano (The Futurist Piano)
Daniele Lombardi, piano
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Composer Daniele Lombardi, who has devoted an enormous amount of time and study to recording the music of Futurism, will be offering a program totally devoted to the music of that movement, for which speed became something of a banner. Maestro Lombardi will be playing music composed in or around the ‘twenties (all of which is very rarely played these days) by such composers as Silvio Mix, Franco Casavola and Giacinto Scelsi, together with a piece he wrote himself in 2005 called the Studio 6 Ribattuto Pianissimo. The concert will also see the first ever public performance of Sylvano Bussotti’s Preludio Parolibero Futuro.

As part of the series Classical at Palazzo
Curated by Marcello Panni
Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome
February 19 – June 1, 2008

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