Futurism News Bulletin, xiii

LUCE MARINETTI, in omaggio

Futurismo: morta Luce Marinetti

Futurismo È morta Luce, l’ultima figlia di Marinetti

É morta Luce Marinetti, figlia del fondatore del movimento futurista

A Luce Marinetti dedicato il saggio su fururismo oltre i futuristi


  • Reggio Futura – New initiative in Reggio Calabria to commemorate Umberto Boccioni and his hometown and will culminate in October.
  • Missioni villa is “decorated with paintings by Gino Severini and boldly-coloured suits by Giacomo Balla, two main protagonists in the Futurist movement, whose studies in colour, movement and dynamism have been a constant source of inspiration to the brand.”


Futurism falls flat at Tate Modern by Adrien Searle for The Guardian

The Futurists’ Futile Chase After Motion for the New York Times, opinions on this review

Futurism imperfect at Tate Modern for the London Evening Standard

‘Futurism at Tate Modern’ for the Financial Times

Futurism: worshipping the modern and damning the past for Socialist Worker

Tate Modern marks Futurism centenary with new show (Reuters)

Machine Guns, Speed Drive Futurist Obsessions on Show in London for Bloomberg

Shock and awful: Back to the Futurism for The Independent

Futurism at the Tate Modern: a glimpse into tomorrow’s whirl for The Telegraph

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