Futurism News Bulletin, ix

  • Did someone say Futurist Beer? (link)
  • The march issue of Cronaca Filatelica contains the article Futurismo: l’arte come ribellione by Danilo Bogoni. See an article regarding futurism and stamps here. I still love San Marino’s stamps and postal markings (link).
  • Is Rome the Capital of Futurism in 2009? Check out this press. Meanwhile, Milan’s Futurism celebrations gather pace link
  • Article which mentions Marinetti’s first vist to Buenos Aires 1926 and a Futurist Banquet at the University of Coimbra in Portugal.
  • BMW Art Cars at Grand Central in New York (March 25 – April 6). Did the Futurist’s ever paint any of their beloved cars? NYTimes. They would have loved the Motor Show in Geneva where the Swiss company Rinspeed showed their iChange, a car that adapts its shape according to the number of passengers on-board.
  • In Morciano di Romagna, there is a Piazza Boccioni (as it was his parents hometown) with a sculpture by Arnoldo Pomodro in homage (link). A road was just renamed for Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in Palermo (link).
  • Worried about how your Futurist books are doing on the marketFind out their value here. If you are looking to buy some Futurist art, then head over to the 14th MiArt, Milan’s International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair, which will take place from April 17 through 20. (link)
  • FAST FACT: Brian Eno has ♥’d Futurism since he was 16 years old! (link)

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